•  Please ignore any typos!!!!!!
  •  I see a lot of people confused and mention SJ with the over hyped groups... but they can't be anymore wrong.
  •  SJ is a group with one of the best vocals in all Kpop... no it's not about KRY only... But about the fact that all members can sing and hit high notes. There used to be members who can't but after 5 years trainging and 8 years in the industry they can sing really well.
  •  They might be not the best dance group... but you have to admit they usually have dances which just seem simple... but when you try to learn it it's much harder. And they even make their singers dance who can't really dance.
  •  There are members who are not exceptionally good at singing or dancing... So they are good at other things you don't find this many MCs, DJs, actors and musical actors in one group. Wait they are also really good at instruments and have members who play more than one perfectly.
  •  There is no member who won't be good at at least 2 things. This makes them multitalented.
  •  Composing and writing lyrics? Are you kidding... half of the group has God given talent. They could easily make a full album by theirselves. And no those won't be shitty songs.
  •  They not only had to train more than other groups and had to suffer. They also debuted with the thought they'll be replaced soon. But guess what they still gave all in what they have and from the very first variety show they acted like idiots and they were entertaining from the very start.
  •  Not gonna get into all the other hardships they had to endure at the start of their career. Which probs would have made any other group disband.
  •  They had to wait 4 i mean 4 years for their succces, none of the other currently succesful SM groups had to wait that long for "the song"
  •  And they STILL stayed who they are... They are still humble, dorks and lovely... they never forget where they came from.
  •  Yes there are rich members... one of them is probs the riches idol ever if we only see their background. BUT most of the members came from really poor families. Not just one or two... more than that.
  •  And they never forgot these... None of them are actually self centered some might seem like they are but their first thought is their family and Super Junior.
  •  They are not only entertaining and talented... they have the closest bond you can ever imagine they are real family.
  •  And guess what the only time Shinhwa ever compared anyone to theirselves... it was Super Junior. And i'm so proud of that. The best of best sees Super Junior just like their fans do.
  •  Their fans... of course we are horrible and have idiots just like every other fandom. BUT the members always tell us when we do something wrong, they are the ones who appologize. Which makes us want to act better just for them. They also give us food all the time. They come to their shops and interract with fans.
  •  My korean teacher said it's quite easy to meet with Super Junior the streets. Even though they are popular they still act like people.
  •  Plus they handle their saesangs the best.
  •  They are real performers if you have ever seen a Super Show you know what i'm talking about. You can not compare it to other concerts easily. They always give in EVERYTHING... but at the same time they don't stop being humans, and even if they don't want to their fans can see when they are tired or hurt. But they still dance perfectly.
  •  Super Junior never tries to take advantage of their fans love.
  •  But we talk about the biggest trolls ever... and they raised us to be trolls just like them.
  •  Our relationship is special.
  •  And you can't find it at every corner in kpop.
  •  Super Junior is one of the few groups who deserve EVERY recognition they get from the very start to not the end... because that word does not exist in our vocabulary it's an AND.
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